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United Beverage, Inc. is a full service Beverage Wholesaler that distributes primarily alcoholic beverages to 22 counties in northeast Iowa. United Beverage distributes, sells, merchandises, provides retail education and beer assistance. We are dedicated to be the market leader in high-value service to our customers. 

Mathew Lumetta, a Detroit, Michigan liquor store owner, incorporated United Beverage, Inc. in 1977.  At that time United's brand list consisted of only 6 brands.  These brands included Miller High Life, Miller Lite, Lowenbrau, Schmidt, Drewery's and Falstaff.  Today we represent over 84 brands of beer, malt beverages, and non-alcoholic products.

Ownership of United Beverage is still held by the Lumetta Family, with Vincent D. Lumetta as President.  Since its inception, our company has been an operation of one family working together.  For that reason it was named United Beverage.

The original warehouse was located on Center Street in Waterloo and was only about one-quarter of the size of the current Waterloo facility on Airline Highway.  Our delivery fleet has grown substantially from 3 original route trucks.

In 2011, United Beverage, Inc. acquired Premium Beverage, LLC, based out of Mason City and Calmar.  This increased our delivery area to 22 counties, covering almost the entire northeast geographical area.

Based in Waterloo, Iowa. United Beverage  also utilizes branch locations in Mason City and Calmar, Iowa.


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